Open House Exhibition Applications

Crisis Notifier

  • Done by: Aswin.S

  • Theme: SMS Notification

  • Description:Safety sms notifier during the time of emergency Especially for women.......


  • Done by: Sangeetha.C
  • Theme:Avoid accidents

  • Description:The automatic sms will be send to calle when caller drives the car(above 20kms/hrs)

Travel Tracker

  • Done by: Sheerin Furguna.S
    Sathish Kumar.M
  • Theme:For visually challenged
  • Description:This Application rise alert to take care in emergency of visually challenged when cross their limits

Smart SMS App

  • Done by: Indhu.J
  • Theme:Android SMS

  • Description:Smart Android SMS app like Whatsapp,Hike.

LockScreen App

  • Done by:Navaneethan

  • Theme:To ensure security

  • Description:To provide safety lock in phone screen completely different from other mobile locks with endless features

Call App

  • Done by: Sangeetha.C
  • Theme:Free Call

  • Description:provide enlarged networ technique to ensure the free calling for everyone by use of wifi and its services

Map App

  • Done by: M.Santhosh

  • Theme:Location Services

  • Description:To be a remainder for the location based process

Aqua Attento

  • Done by:A.RAGUL PRASAD
    S.V Swarnnalatha
  • Theme:Water Saving
  • Description:Smart App establishes a proper channel communication between water board and common people.The main advantage of this app is to provide adequate and uninterrupted water supply to all public